Case Study

What’s your point?

Every brand has characteristics that are directly targeted to how they do business. One of the most obvious selling points I see with retail and restaurants, is that they are stable, and have been around for awhile, like the bar below:

McSorely's Old Ale HouseThe windows of this establishment proudly boast that “we were here before you were born”. This Ale House was established in 1854 and it’s true, that is something to boast about. But what about newer establishments? How do they give themselves credibility without a history?

I’ll be discussing many characteristics that could be used for credibility later on, but today I will highlight one that’s unique: innovation.

Just down the block from McSorley’s Old Ale House lives the new building for Cooper Union, one of the best Engineering (and art) schools in the country.


P1030395This school prides itself on the innovative research, and the real-life application of that research. This is beautifully characterized by the unique and futuristic architecture of the new main building. Though this school is also well established (founded in 1859!), it is more beneficial to the school to focus on its innovation instead of its reputation.


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